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CCR Kennels - Rainbow Bridge

CCR's Harley Up All Nite MH
5-13-05 to 6-19-17


Our first chocolate born from our black litters. You tested affected for EIC that was not expected so you could never be bred. We still ran you in competition and titled you and you never showed a sign.

Your personality was second to none. You were always working for the weekend. See you again little guy.


CCR'S Stars and Stripes, MH, WCX
5/26/03 to 9/2/2016


You came from in incredible litter. Was the last of Miss Blue's breedings. All litter mates had Derby points, Field trial placements, and Master Hunter titles. Impressive and I had the pleasure of running three of you. We never dreamed you would disappear from us that quick. You were on the truck even on last day loving to work. A perfect house dog in every way.


Peanut you can now Go your Own Way

CCR's Pozzy Livly True Blue MH AA
5/26/2003 to 8/5/2016


EIC test kept you from being bred and also retired you early. You never had any episode though.

A test dog at all levels for events after retirement kept you happy. You learned the comforts of indoor living but never missed a day on truck till the last week. You helped train so many young dogs the honoring aspect because you put up with their mischief and troubles. You Knew to sit for them or teach them to stay put.

You earned your freedom. ENJOY YOURSELF

Carolina Trivial Pursuit, MH


You left us with a box full of your ribbons and the memories of trials we will never forget. You worked like a young dog retrieving till the day you left us.

Carolina Blues Man MH
4/8/02 - 11/8/15


Your kids were impressing. Your grand kids even more with a personality only possible from you.

Pedigree for Jett

CCR'S Joan Jett, MH
5/15/05 -1/21/15
She never really thought she was a dog.

  • Eyes: Clear
  • DNA: Chromagen Chocolate factored
  • OFA: LR179337E44F-VPI
  • AKC#: SR26606208
  • CNM LR-CNM10-325-F-PIV
  • Micro Chip #4B652D1D18

Small stocky female. She is as much at home on line in competition or in the house. Very good handling and marking dog. Hunting to hunt tests to family pet she can do it all. 

Peaches Pedigree

Carolina Peaches

  • Call Name: Peaches
  • Hips: OFA GR-87522E24F-PI
  • Elbows: GR-EL-16038F-45-PI
  • Heart: GR-CA12861/45F/P-PI
  • Thyroid: Normal
  • Eyes: Clear
  • Breeder: Steve Raehl
Hard running light red colored golden. Great golden disposition. Running in AKC Master Hunter. Breeding for her will be from competition stud.


Tonka's pedigree

Chief Bucks Wanblee
 Tonka, MH, WCX
2/01/91 - 9/01/04

  • Call Name: Tonka
  • Breeder: Jim and Mary Morgan

Tonka was a blocky headed, big boned golden that ran with the enthusiasm of a lab. Was hunted throughout the country and ran in competition till 11 years old. We have limited frozen semen available. Bitch must be Master Hunter or Qualified All-Age dog. Would like only good working breeding from him. For more info contact us.



Bud's Pedigree


Carolina Buckshots Carolina Blues Bud E
1/8/98 to 6/24/11

  • Call Name:  Bud
  • OFA: Good
  • Eyes: Clear
  • Breeder: Pete & Julie Janke

Bud was run originally in hunt tests has master passes was moved into trials. He is running open stakes. Though not FC  Bud has all the talents needed for trials. Great marking and lining ability, high powered, stylish. Great work ethics wants only to get the birds. He is also a very good house dog. If you want to put high energy level into a breeding Bud is the one. He has young pups running hunt test and derby prospects.


Moon's Pedigree

Buckshots Carolina Moonshine JH
7/23/95 to 8/11/11

  • Call Name: Moon
  • Breeder: Jim Morgan
  • Hips: OFA Good
  • Eyes: Clear

Moon was run in hunt test has legs in senior and master and then put into just being a brood mom. She is a very high energy female and excellent hunting companion. Great house dog. Has produced all age dogs and hunt test dogs out of all breeding. Will be breeding again this spring.

Moonshine retrieved flyer on her 16th birthday. 

Calli's pedigree

CCR'S Calamity Jane JH WC
11/28/03 to 01/05/2011

  • Call Name: Calli
  • OFA LR-179336E61F-VPI  Excellent
  • CNM LR-CNM09-277-F-PI  Clear
  • Eyes Clear

Unexpectedly and to unknown cause,  Calli has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Her genetics, burning desire to retrieve, and sweet disposition to pass onto her pups was lost.  We will miss her deeply forever.

Buckshot's Carolina Hurricane JH 
AKA Dancer
 8/98 to 8/11

You could run with the big dogs in open but just never sit. Loosing you and Moonshine the same day was more then we could handle


Blue's Pedigree

Buckshots Carolina Sky Blue SH
5/28/94 to 3/7/08

  • Call Name: Blue
  • Breeder: Jim Morgan
  • Hips: OFA Excellent
  • Eyes: Clear

Blue is a high-powered female. She needed one more leg on master but we started her in trial work instead. She has produced all age dogs and hunt test dogs from each litter she has had. Her last litter had only five pups but all running in derby by 17 months old with placements. She has been an incredibly healthy dog as have been her offspring.

Itchy's Pedigree

Carolina Blues Up All Night, MH
4/02 to 1/31/14

  • Call Name: Itchy
  • Hips: OFA Good
  • CNM Clear LR-CNM07-750-F-PI
  • Eyes: Clear
  • Chocolate Factored
  • Qualified for '08, 10, 11 Master National

Itchy has a very sweet disposition, stable line manners. First litter produced hunt test titled dogs with great attitudes.

Gooseponds Lady in Black, MH
2/01 to 7/13

Owned by Pete and Julie Janke, handled by Pete, qualified all age with second place at Palmetto Retriever Club fall trial in 43 dog qualifying. Qualified 2008 Master National.



CCR's Doc Holiday aka Doc
11/2003 to 8/2013

You never got to leave the area for work but did great as permanent test dog in training. You were the last of Moonshine's family




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